The Beauty of the Solar Eclipse

This is a solar eclipse filtered through the trees. This is a very special picture for you do not see them very often. It is a beautiful piece of art.



Baked marbles: craft

I turned my old, boring marbles into something beautiful. Try them out yourself!

Baked marbles: craft

1. Preheat your oven into 450 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Place your marbles on a loaf pan and bake for 20 minutes
3. While you are waiting, prepare a bowl of cold water with ice in it
4. Once the marbles are baked, immediately put them in the cold water
This will crack the insides of the marbles, turning them into shiny marbles!

Warning: When you are cooling the baked marbles in the water, some may crack open.

Even if you do not have an oven in your house, you can always heat the marbles on the frying pan. When my mother was small, she made baked marbles using a frying pan.

Baked marbles: craft

About my project: Helping poor children

know the joy of learning and making friends and dream a brighter future

My project is to help the poor children living in Mindanao, Philippines. Many children in the poor areas cannot really complete their education because of family problems and financial difficulties. My parents worked in partnership with a Filipino couple, one of our pastor-friends, to help the poor areas  in Mindanao become self-dependent community of mutual-help. I am still a teenager but through this blog I want to also help the children know the joy of learning and making friends and dream a brighter future.